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The Ivy Foundry is open. I have been making fonts since 2006, and I have pursued a long-term vision of making a foundry, that would be able to produce distinctive fonts with strong potential. NOW is the time. Welcome, I hope you like it.

Custom font

A new typeface for the Danish National Football Team jerseys

The Danish sports brand Hummel, signed a sponsorship agreement with the Danish National Football Team and DBU. Together with Jesper Herholt from the agency Envision, The Ivy Foundry created a sports font for the jerseys. The names and numbers on the jerseys will be set in the new Hummel font, so the team will be ready for one of the most impactful sports events in the world.


Here is Swing King

The typeface SwingKing is the work of the Danish illustrator Erik Sørensen.
It started as writing by hand, but it is not the handwriting of Erik. It is more like an illustration of his handwriting. What we tried to achieve was something improvised in a planed way. That is why we call it an illustrated typeface.

We hope it will serve you well.


The Ivy Foundry joins TypeNetwork

I have long been an admire of TypeNetwork and their high standards, so I am very pleased to be joining the network, and I am thankful for the support and input from the great people behind TN.

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Ivymode for luxury brands

Ivymode is a flared sans serif ideal for magazines, luxury brands and high fashion with lots of ligatures and extras.

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